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Golden Globe Annual Awards @ Manila Hotel
Background History

In 2005, a group of selflessness advocate people started to realize and do their social responsibility through helping children and their family in Payatas. Their main source of funds were taken from personal finances from the Ink supplies, printing shop and other benefactors such as the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services (NADREMS) Inc. wherein it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission primarily as market research outfit engaged in data and market survey on products, services and public opinion.

Since they need huge amount of resources for the advocacy vis-à-vis citation and recognition to people and business establishment from the data gathered of NADREMS Inc., they came up with an award giving body the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Filipino Achiever. 

It is registered with Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines Reg. No. 04200700107 and Company Brand BEST Reg. No. 042010087 under Dir. Ramon Juanito Balunes Y Paras.

Over the past 10 successful years, it provides a high quality of recognition to different businesses, brands, products and services that excel in their field of expertise. Moreover, it confer awards to different personalities, politicians, entertainers and individuals that value a world-class services, products and brands that plays an important part in our society.

June 6, 2007 at the Manila Hotel, Ermita, Manila was the remarkable date and place because it was the first year wherein 60 awardees were carefully selected and awarded after they go through a rigorous process in order to be selected the “BEST” in their chosen fields.

To date, more than 2000 recipients had been awarded for best practices and innovative products and services both national as well as international. Each recipients received trophy, medal and a certification that exemplifies honor and inspiration.

Generally, recipients of the event is Sining at Gabay ng Buhay Foundation (SINAG), Inc. wherein it help develop and enhance individual talents and skills of sponsored children through providing leadership training, skills development, medical missions, educational grants and sponsorship and value formation programs.

So, for a decade now it hope to reach a lot of people to whom the company owe. It is not only for the working colleague’s within the company but also to the legions of entrepreneurs, owners, practitioners, and business establishments who through all those years have helped the company’s grow and become world class.

  1. Be the standard of Excellence.

  2. Be the most credible judge of who is the best in every industry

  3. Award those who truly deserved it.

  4. Market our brand to market our recipient.

  5. Conduct the most memorable awarding ceremonies our recipients will forever be proud of.

We are the most coveted recognition in business, respected worldwide.

Our seal is equivalent to a guarantee of customer satisfaction in every industry.

Our people are highly – respected and well recognized as ambassador of Excellence.

For Outstanding Filipino Achiever
  • This recognition highlights every individual's milestones of success and victory worthy of commendation and high regard. This is also a perfect time to share your story of success and victory over countless hardships and trials in life to inspire the great Filipino to Achieve more in their crafts.​

  • Millions of Filipino around the globe are achieving immensely in different crafts and yet, their existence and achievements remained unknown to the grater Filipinos.

  • The Golden Globe Annual  Awards for Outstanding Filipino Achiever (MEDAL OF DISTINCTION) is conferred to individuals that have noteworthy achievements. This Endeavor is a joint undertaking of Golden Globe Annual Award and Filipino Achievers Council, National Data Research & Marketing Services, Inc., SINAG news Magazine, and Sinag Foundation, Inc.

  • Golden Globe Awards for Outstanding Filipino Achiever aims to recognize and to pay tribute to all Filipino around the world that bring pride and honour to our country.

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